Cat Food - Quality and composition...

Cat Food - Quality and composition serve the health of your cat

The number of varieties of cat fodder has multiplied significantly in recent years. In the past, cats were either eating the food they cought themselves or getting the remnants of humans. Nowadays, as a cat owner, you benefit from the innovative as well as the highly scientific time and can therefore choose from various types of wet food and dry food. The different brands also offer you subdivisions in their fodder varieties which are specialized in the life stages, breeds, life circumstances and diseases of a cat.


High quality dry food for an agile cat

However, this does not include grain, but meat, chicken and / or fish. If the cat food is of the best quality, you can recognize this by the feeding behavior of your cat. If cat food contains little nutritional values, the animal usually eats significantly more and can therefore tend to diabetes. However, if the nutrients are balanced, 60 to 100 grams of cat food can be sufficient for a medium-sized animal. By good dry food, cats are also more agile and get a shiny coat.

Balanced wet food for healthy cats

Nowadays, for a good reason, cat owners attach great importance to quality and variety in the diet of their animal, since this is the only way to preserve their health. In addition to high-quality as well as balanced ingredients, this also includes an appropriate proportion of meat. Delicious wet food from flawless brands such as Landfleisch, Granata Pet and KALE have proven themselves and convince with up to 100% meat content and high vitamins. All the products of these manufacturers are characterized not only by good quality, but also by an affordable price level.

You can choose wet feed from KALE as a "beef" or "turkey with vegetables". The cat fodder of this brand is made without any additives from meat. The brand Landfleisch offers your cat for example tastes like 'Schlemertopf salmon & poultry' or 'Schlemmertopf poultry heart & game'. In the range of Granata Pet you will find "salmon & seafood", "lamb & turkey" as well as "beef & chicken". So you can surprise your cat every day with tasty healthy cat food.