Dog food - a balanced mixture...

Dog food - a balanced mixture provides variety and keeps the dog healthy

Whether dry or wet, dog food should always be of the best quality so that you and your dog can avoid unpleasant as well as expensive visits to the veterinarian. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages: wet food is unlike dry food digested faster. If your dog gets predominantly dry feed, he has to drink significantly more water. However, dry dog food can be carried more easily, it also cares for the teeth and can be better portioned. However, some dogs refuse the dry food because the typical meat odor is missing.


High meat content in dog food strengthens your dog's mobility

High-quality wet food such as Granata Pet, Kale or Landfleisch moves at an acceptable price level and gives you the opportunity to provide your dog with all minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and proteins to ensure its immune system is permanent Is strengthened.

Mixed feeding - ideal for man and dog 

In order to exploit the advantages of both types of feeding, a mix of both types is appropriate. So balanced wet food covers the fluid requirements of the dog much faster and is due to its diverse flavors and combinations greatly appreciated. On the other hand, practical dry food is suitable for on the road. The alternating feeding also has the advantage that in the case of tooth discomfort, gastrointestinal disorders or allergies the dog food can be changed more easily. In addition, your dog is also delighted when there is a varied mix feeding. The diverse nutrient composition in both feeds also meets its natural requirements.

Healthy variety enhances the entire organism of your dog 

Dog food as wet food and dry food can be easily exchanged. Dry food, such as the brands Granata Pet, Wild Born or Markus Mühle you can use optimally as a reward during training, going for a walk or a dog treat. Moist dog food is ideal as a second portion in the cup. Both variants of dog food should never be mixed, as otherwise the overview of quantity, fluid as well as nutrients that your dog has consume is lost. In addition, digestive problems can arise because the dog food is utilized differently. Therefore, the kinds of food should always be provided at different times.