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  Cats appreciate high-quality dry...

Cats appreciate high-quality dry food

Many owners of cats prefer dry food when feeding. This has some advantages. On the one hand, dry food smells much better than wet food does. Anyone who holds his pet in the apartment, appreciates this. Through its solid consistency it also promotes the jaw muscles of cats that would go limp quickly through the sole consumption of wet food. But what is important when buying cat food? What is really good for your cat?

Lachs & Süßkartoffeln 2kg

Lachs & Süßkartoffeln 2kg

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8,99 € per 1 kg

The food is crucial here. Cat food is available in very different quality. However, high-quality food does not necessarily have to be the most expensive. The brands Applaws, Dr. Clauders and Granata Pet offer inexpensive and high-quality dry food for cats. They are characterized by a good mixing ratio of the ingredients.

A good diet for cats contains mostly substances, which a cat would eat also in the free nature. Wheat and rice do not belong to it, but fish or chicken.

A good fodder can also be seen in the feeding behavior of the cat. If the nutritional value is low, the cat usually eats a lot and their diabetes risk rises. On the other hand, if the nutritional value is high, 60-100 g of food per meal are sufficient for a medium-sized cat.

When selecting a good feed for cats, they should therefore also participate in the decision. Because good food makes cats agile, gets the tooth healthy and ensures a silky shiny coat. A well-fed cat is therefore often seen at first sight.