raw meat

  Raw meat - healthy food for dogs...

Raw meat - healthy food for dogs and cats

Raw feeding is by no means a long-lasting fashion, it is healthy food for your four-legged friend. The meat varieties are to be given raw, as the nature has provided and how your animal would feed in the wild as well. In raw meat, all important nutrients are included for your dog and your cat, unlike canned feed, raw meat is free of additives and flavor enhancers. .


Fresh selection in the bowl

Raw meat varieties offer lots of choices for your dog and cat. From poultry meat and beef over innards, rabbits and lamb to horse meat, you get the fresh selection for your pet. Minced chicken necks are a delicacy for dogs and cats. As you desire the chicken necks and other products in different amounts are available. This allows you to select exactly the quantity you need. The barf menu is just as tasty, fresh poultry meat is enriched with fine vegetables and offers a complete meal..

Minced or in pieces

With us you get minced raw meat or cut into pieces. Minced meat in different varieties and also mixed with vegetables as Barf menu. The meat can be thawed in warm water or at room temperature and administered.