Feed supplements support the health...

Feed supplements support the health of dogs and cats

High-quality dry and wet food cover the basic needs of four-legged friends. However, the well-being of dogs and cats can be increased still further by feeding supplements. They have a similar effect to vitamins and additives, which we humans also take occasionally or regularly, in order to feel more vital. In the following, the special needs of dogs and cats are described and various means of supplementing the diet are presented.

Anibio Barf-Welpe

Anibio Barf-Welpe

14,50 € *
KALE easy B.A.R.F. Eierschalenpulver 250 g

KALE easy B.A.R.F. Eierschalenpulver 250 g

4,99 € *
2,00 € per 100 g

However, if your pets are already affected by parasites or exposed to them by frequent release, then it is advisable to resort to remedies for worms, ticks and fleas. Blackcorn oil, for example, has a proven effect on ticks and is harmless for cats and dogs. Similarly, coconut oil acts to protect cats and dogs from many insect species.

However, most of the feed supplements are suitable for preventing and delaying natural aging phenomena such as scaling, joint wear, and bone loss. KALE easy B.A.R.F. Egg shell powder is used, for example, to feed calcium to animals which are fed raw. The green lipped mussel offers a cure for the joint apparatus. Plaque and bad breath counteracts Anibio tartar-free.

As with humans applies to all means of dietary supplements: Even if it is not medicines in the strict sense, one should always be oriented in the administration of the food supplement to the information on the packaging. At the same time, food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet. For this purpose, high-quality main feed should be used in order to give your pet vitality and longevity.